Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waiting for Orders

11 March 2009

I had just reported into the squad bay. I was getting my stuff set up on my bunk when the Colonel looked up from his afternoon nap. The Colonel was in charge in us. He was a tall solid man with bright orange hair and a determined look. He was with the British Special Forces. Among the others, we were a veritable motley crew assembled from various military services from around the world. We were all waiting for something but I didn't know what.

It seemed strange but I didn't really think about it at the time. As I was getting my rack put together a man flanked by two women walked in. They were all wearing long gray coats and black caps. The Colonel snapped to attention and greeted them. They were doing an inspection apparently.

As they entered I noticed something strange. There was a blank picture on the wall but as I looked at it, a painting appeared of our three inspectors. But as I peered at it their visages were sinister and evil.
Quite uncharacteristically, I let out a bloodcurdling scream.

The others looked up in surprise. I looked around and suddenly felt very out of place. I turned back around and looked at the portrait again. This time the faces were rotting corpses and the older women was holding a knife behind the other two. I realized our inspectors weren't among the living. The older woman had murdered the other two then taken her own life.

They were ghosts...

and this time I really started screaming uncontrollably.

I yelled out and pointed but no one else seemed to be able to see the painting. They thought I was losing it. It took three men to restrain me and take me back to my bunk and settle me down.

When I mustered up the courage to look back at the painting on the wall the next realization hit me...

We all were...

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