Thursday, February 26, 2009

REMories: Time to Run

I was about 13 when I had this dream. I had a few dreams
later that continued along the same storyline.

Despite the name the Enforcers weren't the protectors of justice the name would seem to illicit.
They were simply powerful people who wanted more power. It wouldn't be easy to shake this one but I could buy some time by taking a detour into my past. I threw my hand out in front of me. The bracelet on my right wrist glowed. A spherical translucent shield sprang forth from the bracelet encapsulating my body.

The ground shook, then everything started spinning and I felt my body tearing apart. I winced and opened my eyes again. The sphere receded back into the bracelet. As I stood up I immediately hit my head. I was standing inside an old wooden treehouse. I quickly got my bearing and jumped out of the treehouse. The place looked oddly familiar but at the same time strange.

I took a quick glance around. I was standing in someone's backyard. Just then another disruption shook the ground. It was the Enforcer...

I dashed towards the fenceline. Even as the energy field was still dispersing around the Enforcer he was running towards me with a blaster in hand and his finger on the trigger. I spun around raising my shield hand. This time a smaller shield sprang forth from the bracelet covering my chest and head. The disruptor blast ricocheted off my shield sending the blast back towards the Enforcer. It hit the ground in front of him and sent him flying off his feet.

It gave me enough time to turn back around, hop the fence and make my way to the street. As I stood on the street I felt a twist in my stomach. The street seemed to stretch on forever, as far as I could see. As I ran down the street it seemed to stretch on even further. The presence of both of us was causing some type of temporal distortion.

The Enforcer was about to catch up to me. I knelt down again and activated the capsule shield. The bracelet and its powers were controlled by my mind and to some extent it had it's own artificial intelligence to protect it's wearer from harm. The shield capsule was a paradox preventer. It's purpose was to ensure that only the minimum amount of material was taken in the time jump.

Again, I felt a surge shredding through my body. I came to inside a school, in a hallway lined with lockers. Students were milling back and forth through the hallway. As the energy vibrated around me, they shrank back in terror or shock against their lockers. The janitor dropped his mop and bucket. I didn't have time to make introductions. I darted down the hallway and towards the exit. I knew my way through these halls.

As I ran out the door he was right on my heels again, the Enforcer. I ran out onto the grassy field outside the school. Well, this was it. This was where I'd have to make a decision. I just needed enough time to catch him off guard.

I reached to my side for my blaster. It wasn't like the Enforcer's which was meant to kill. It was something different. It was an experimental SoulGun, a transference device. Whoever, was hit by a soul blast would change bodies with whoever fired the gun last. The conundrum of course, was that the device would end up in the hands of your potential enemy.

I had to risk it. He burst out the side door of the school, I fired and he rolled out of the way and sent a shot my way at the same time. I rolled to the side as it sliced through a thick tree branch sending it to the ground with a thud. My second shot was dead on...and so was his...

I stood up and brushed myself off then looked down at my hands. I walked over to the limp body and knealt down. I sighed. I had just started getting used to that face, too. I reached down and pulled the bracelet off his wrist and slid it on mine.

Time was something I had both too much and too little of. The Omega Project was still out there and it was a ticking time bomb...almost literally. Before I left, I stopped by my old locker, dialed the combination and left a little present for myself. Now, I finally knew who left it for me...

The Omega Project is a massive doomsday weapon, which was a subject of some of my later dreams.

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