Thursday, February 26, 2009

REMories: Red Dragon and the Curtained Stage

REMories are memories of my past dreams...Dreams that have stayed with me as vivid as any real memory and in some cases moreso.

When I 'woke up' I found myself in a vast expanse of darkness, a great void. In the middle of the void I found a red curtained stage. As I stepped upon the stage and parted the curtains another landscape opened up before me. The void opened up and I stepped off the stage and onto soil, dirt, and gravel. The sky was still dark but not the same black sky of the void.

As I looked upward I saw terrible red dragon far off in the distance and words came to me,

"I saw a red dragon in the sky,
and sadly wept as it flew by
for before glory
many must die."

Before me was a school house from my childhood. Inside a cellar there was a huddled mass of children cowering and frightened. I said, "Don't worry. It's going to be okay."

Then as I looked upon their faces I recognized them. They were faces I hadn't seen since I was a young child myself about 6 years old. Not many faces that one normally remembers. But I saw their faces clearly.

Further up the road was a small cottage. I ran along the road until I reached the house. Before my knuckles could rap upon the door, it opened. A beautiful long haired blond woman stood in the open doorway, her hands out and a sword, a katana in her hands outstretched towards me.

"Prepare yourself", she said. "The dragon is coming."

There were three others. A spearman, a swordsman, a bowman, and she carried daggers.

In the sky above echoed an evil roar. The dragon was approaching. As it came closer I saw it more clearly, a visage of death. It was covered in scaly, crimson armor. It's eyes glowed with
an unholy fire. Upon its head were rows of horns. It's breath filled the air. It flew toward us with
its great claws like sharpened daggers.

As it landed the earth shook beneath our feet. We flew upon it with out weapons. Steel sparked against red scales. The dragon roared and swung it's fearsome claws and whipped about its head blasting red hot flames.

I swung my sword haphazardly at its thick neck but my blows glanced off to no avail. As the dragon turned its gaze on me to snap me up in its giant maw the spearman leaped from behind and brought his shining spear impaling through the dragon's skull. Bright red blood spurted forth from the dragon's head, the fire in it's eye's died. As it writhed in it's death throes it swung around slamming its tail into the spearman sending him flying through the air.

The dragon fell to the ground...dead. We rushed to the side of the fallen hero. He had slain the dragon and he was dying, crushed by the dragon's blow. They wept for him. I blamed myself for my weapon had been worthless against the great beast. Then once again...the void closed in on me...shrouding my eyes with darkness once more...

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