Friday, August 22, 2008

The Approaching Darkness

I knelt down upon the ground and looked out through the land. The wind stirred and I wrapped my black cloak around. I spied a great city of trees before me. Surrounded by the wild on all sides save for the west where lied a good sized town not far. It was getting late, the hour where the day and night battle each other, both equally holding their ground. Then out through the midst of the trees I saw them. A great black snake winding through the trees. I laid my eagle eye upon it. They were riders, a great horde of them, a hundred or more. They bore steel armor, black as night, terrible weapons of blades and spikes, and through their helms breathed red fire, their steeds dark as night too, frothing at the mouth, with a wild look in their eyes. They were coming here...and approaching fast.

I called my mount and rode as fast as I had ever in my life towards the town gates. "Open the gates!" I shouted as I bore down upon the town wall. "A horde of Dark Knights ride here! Call to arms!"

No horn sounded but the call went out. Within minutes archers lined the walls and a host of rag tag warriors had been assembled, swordsman on foot, and armored knights on horses. Then we saw their approach. We could not possibly stand against them, they would tear through us as we were air.

Suddenly glowing runes appeared upon my palms. From the runes words sprang forth. I spoke the words and the runes glowed fiercer yet. I breathed a slow sigh then drew my hands in a large sweeping circle, slowly at first then quicker. Blue sparks began to crackle forth from my fingertips. They grew steadily and a stream flew forth and connected between my hands. My eyes began to take a blue glow. Quicker still I drew the stream and contorted it around and around.

The horde drew close, and their horses beat the ground, and rattled our walls

"Hold! Wait for my attack!" I screamed above the chaos that drew nearer to us.

The stream of lightning continued to grow and became more intense. My body surged with its immense energy building within me. They were now upon us, ready to crash into our meager forces and lay ruination.


I pulled back and released the stream and a miraculous sight was born from my hands. A giant dragon created of lightning streamed forth from my hands, its head, body, wings and tail. The dark horde reared for but a moment when they saw its terrible visage but had not time to stop the momentum of their assault.

The darkness now glowed with the light of the elemental dragon. Its body was white and blue and tendrils of electricity crackled all about it. Its breath was a blue fog and its eyes were as hot as the sun. It hung in the air for a second then swept down crashing upon them incinerating the first wave, their armor falling to the ground with nothing left inside it. The dragon surged through them and dissipated. From the surge however, were born smaller dragons who spiraled through the remaining ranks, wrapping their bodies around the dark warriors and crushing them to naught but dust. None remained. The demons were all vanquished. Their armor and weapons littered the ground. Those horses that had abandoned their masters bolted off into the forest in all directions being now bare of their possession and terribly frightened.

I collapsed upon the ground and looked upwards as the stars began to shine in the night sky, and breathed a sigh of relief.

That was pretty good...for my first spell.


Roxanne ♥ said...

awesome writin'! :)

S. Nicole said...

you got me hooked with the wrap of your cloak. love it.