Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zombie City

I don't remember exactly how I got here but I had been kidnapped and brought to this place. Some dark arm of the government was responsible. They were bringing us here for testing, to watch how we died. It was like a small city but, overhead instead of sky there were walls. It was a gigantic building complex. It was night and dark but I could hear them. Zombies.

I don't know how many times I have to say this. I hate Zombies. I'm not into horror movies or books. I don't know why my dreams are so often zombie survivor horrors but I hate em. I once woke up so paranoid after a particularly vicious zombie dream that I grabbed a baseball bat and searched the entire house for zombies. (didn't find any)

My first instinct was to hunker down and hide in one of the quite, abandoned buildings. But these were more than your typical slow and dumb zombies. They had a heightened sense of smell and hearing and worse were very fast.

Before I even had a chance to hide, they were after me. So my next instinct kicked in...run.
The city was a maze of small buildings like a small suburban community. There was a large pool fountain in the middle of the city. Somehow, I thought the water might slow them down. Wrong.
They waded through just as quickly as I did but, I still had a little headway and a body full of adrenalin. After I ran through the city I came to a maze of pipes, ladders, boilers in a large hangar. Bolting up a ladder and down an access-way I kept running and they were still after me.
Then I found something I didn't expect but was thankful for, a rusted old maintenance door. At first it didn't budge but I stepped back, and kicked the door and it flew open.

I was outside. I was really outside! It was a gigantic. Apparently, they had been monitoring my progress from outside because I was immediately confronted by two men in suits with drawn pistols who told me to freeze. I wasn't going back in there. I ran straight at them knocking them down and kept running.

It seems the zombies had also found the same maintenance door I had and were now pouring out of the place, zombies and agents clashed but they weren't entirely occupied with each other. I still had both after me. Ahead of me was a forest, trees all around. I kept running into the wilderness, into the night...

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