Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waking Up

Is life my dream or are my dreams my life?

Ever since I was a child I've had incredibly vivid dreams, ranging from loves you could never hope to feel to terrors you would never wish to meet.

I used to think it was the turmoil of my young mind that caused me to dream so wildly but even now as an adult the dreams continue, vividly and lucidly.

I dream so lucidly in fact that many of my dreams are interwoven into my actual memories and I often remember my dreams on certain days better than the days themselves.

While I have very lucid dreams its not always so much that I realize I'm in a dream but, I have a very heightened sense of control and power in my dreams. Its not that I realize I'm in a dream but I simply realize I can do things that I would physically be unable to do in the waking world.
More often than not when I do realize I'm dreaming is when the dreams begin to fade and I begin to wake. So while I remember my dreams almost all the time and realize I have power in my dreams, I don't necessarily know I'm dreaming when I am.

I've taken detailed notes on many of my past dreams, even thought I might be able to make a good book out of some of them. For some time they've been at me, pleading, begging, biting, tearing, nagging to get out. So I've decided to let them out.

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