Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watch What You Eat

Two powerful and sophisticated but vicious corporations fought for control in this world. Vampire Hunters...and Vampires. Why...me?

I don't know how I got there but, I was just there wandering around without aim but a growing sense of where I was.

They got to me first...the hunters. A girl wearing rugged but fitting clothes, a heavily stocked equipment belt, and a crossbow gun shouted to me then quickly told me what was happening.

"Thank God, we found you. You've got to come with us! They're after your blood!"

Apparently, I was special. There was some kind of mutation in my blood that the vampires wanted and they wouldn't extract it nicely with a needle.

But before we could get to safety the vampires were on us. They surrounded us, with our back to an old apartment complex we backed inside. I bolted running up the stairs. I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing, and no feasible way to defend myself.

The hunters and the vampires were fighting each other but there were more vamps than hunters. Before I knew it, they were after me, I ran up the stairs quickly. I was almost as fast as they were and with a headstart was able to dodge them. The hunters joined me, up the stairs about five of them in all, and we burst into an empty large windowed room.

The vampire in charge of the gang leaped at the girl trying to protect me. He began to sink his fangs into her neck then suddenly recoiled, gasping and spitting and his neck suddenly beginning to melt away, as he was retching up blood. He writhed upon the floor.

She had been drinking holy water...a lot of holy water and her body and blood was filled with the blessed liquid.

The hunters surrounded me and the remaining vampires wouldn't progress with their leader so incapacitated. We had the upper hand.

Then there was a flash, and there before us stood another vampire. This one with shining grey hair slicked back, a slightly older look and a fine black suit complete with tie. This was their true leader.

The hunters were braced and ready for his attack but he simply stood still and said,
"Why don't we finish this some other time, eh?"

The vampire who had bitten the girl staggered raising his hand and cried,
"Father! Aren't you going to do something?!"

To which the head vampire nonchalantly replied,
"Didn't I tell you to watch what you eat?"

Its like someone is scripting my dreams and they have the same dry sense of humor I do. I guess that makes sense considering they're my dreams though.

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